Hump Magnet

Hump Magnet

Hump Magnets generally consist of tow Plate Magnets mounted in an offset housing and are flow installed in vertical spouts. As product enters the housing it impacts directly on the first Magnet, travels through the offset angle of the housing and impacts directly on the face of the second Plate Magnet Hump magnet is a unique permanent magnetic equipment to remove tramp iron pieces from gravity or pneumatically conveyed mixtures, the surest way to protect your costly machinery from damages. A mist for cattle feed fertilizers food processing, salt in grain handling plants.

Made from high coercively permanent magnets. Very powerful magnetic plates hinged on sturdy, S. S. Housing arrest all the ferrous particles from the material and prevent damage to the machinery. The plates can be easily swung open and cleaned.

Magnetic Humps are used where the flow of material is vertical. The material falling strikes directly on the first magnet changes direction and falls over the second magnet, ensuring clean outflow of material. The Magnets are of hinged type and can be easily opened for periodic cleaning. Hump Magnets can be supplied to suit any size of Pipe/Duct.

Hump Magnet separators are also used to remove ferrous contaminants iron nuts, bolts, wire, banding etc. from the conveyed material. With the hinged doors, cleaning the magnetic surface is quick and easy. The unit can be mounted directly in the air stream with the square to round transitions which can be provided.

Hump magnetic separators consists of two plate magnets which are hinged and gasketed to the rugged steel housing. These plate magnets can be unlatched and swing open for quick manual cleaning.

Hump Magnet

Magnet Hump

Magnetic Hump